I have been certified in bodywork since February 2001.  My practice is in San Francisco, California, and my mission is to provide affordable and effective bodywork for the community that I serve.

I was born in Puerto Rico and was fortunate to be raised by loving parents who, through some sacrifices, sent me to a Catholic school during my early years, and later to a Jesuit high school.  Along with my native Spanish, I became fluent in English and French.  The Jesuits taught me the precious lessons of spirituality - a heightened sense of presence - and the practical value of having a discerning and inquisitive mind.

An intellectual yet practical approach to life was further enhanced at Cornell University, in Ithaca, New York, where I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in government.  Years later, I relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, and eventually graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute, in neighboring Cambridge, founded and run by Dr. Ben Benjamin, a leading figure in the osteopathic field of frictioning.  I furthered my development through multiple continuing education courses with my mentor, John F. Barnes, PT, considered by many to be the unquestioned authority in the field of myofascial release.

In the bodywork that I practice, as in my own life, I strive for a balance between the tangible - muscles, ligaments, bones - and the intangible - what most people call the soul, or simply consciousness.  I seek a balance between the form and the non-form.